6 01 2006

OVERRATED! As I have said all year long…USC doesn’t play anybody! And boy, did it show tonite. They played Notre Dame and that’s it. Please don’t try and make an argument for UCLA, Arizona St., Fresno St, or Oregon. Decent, but not Texas’ schedule or Tennessee’s (vs 3 Top 5 teams, 5 Top 10 teams!) USC has some great talent, but so do most D-I programs. I am surprised the AP didn’t just go ahead and award USC its National Championship trophy before the game, just for getting there and winning 34 in a row.
They won one title…in 2004. In 2003, they did not win a title b/c it wasn’t the BCS game and shouldn’t be recognized by anyone except a few writers who are probably being paid by USC boosters/alumi. No, 2003 belongs to LSU. In 2004 they beat Oklahoma, but really should have played a much better Auburn team, and probably would have lost to Ronnie Brown, Cadillac, & Carlos Rogers.

For those of you that saw the game, when that Texas d-back intercepted Leinart’s pass in the endzone in the 2nd quarter for a touchback, Leinart looked around as if the Texas defender had come from the sideline to intercept the pass! A very amusing play. And Reggie Bush was silenced by Texas’ secondary who all four players can cover and tackle; Something he hadn’t seen all year as he piled up game after game of 400+ all purpose yards in the PAC-10. Vince Young. Wow! Young was truly unstoppable. He made linemen, linebackers and safety’s miss tackles as he calmly poured it on in the air and on the ground. Truly deserving of the MVP award.

This was a very enjoyable game and I am glad to see USC’s affair with the AP exposed and ended. Thank you Longhorn’s! Congrats to the University of Texas!




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6 01 2006
Peter Zefo

Welcome to the Blogosphere. If you need some tips, let me know. I had never worked with HTML Code prior to Blogger, so it took me a little while to figure everthing out.

As far as your first post. The AP DID recognize USC as #1 in 2003. The AP has a much longer precedence of declaring the National Championship than the BS…oh, wait, I mean BCS.

9 01 2006

Hook ’em Horns!Great to find you! Kick me an e-mail and tell me what you’re up to now. mdmcmullin@gmail.com

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