Epitome of "Excusitis"

9 01 2006

The disease of “excusitis” has a new level. A woman wants to get out of her life sentence by saying she “was” insane when she drowned her five children. She wants to say she “was” depressed. And that makes it ok to drown five children?

Andrea Yates’ murder case was overturned last January by a Texas appeals court because of testimony by the state’s expert witness, forensic psychiatrist Park Dietz. He testified that, shortly before Yates killed her five children, television’s “Law and Order” series broadcast an episode about a woman with postpartum depression who drowned her children. But no such episode ever existed. To prove insanity in Texas, the defense must prove she suffered from a severe mental disease or defect and did not know her actions were wrong.

This is beyond the McDonald’s hot coffee-burned-my-lap lawsuit. It goes well further than a Judge Judy I-can’t-pay-my-child-support-cause-I-ain’t-got-no-job suit. This case is insane. How does her defense attorny, George Parnham, sleep at night? I belive he is insane. Americans are sick with the disease of “excusitis.” It starts in elementary school when you have to have an ‘excuse’ to show up late or leave early. Then it transends the job world…”I can’t do that, it’s against company policy. Have a nice day.” We use it on our families…”Sorry I was late to your recital, I got stuck in traffic.” When will good men and women realize that THERE ARE NO EXCUSES. None! Period. You take responsibility for your blunders and commit to avoid them next time. A mistake is not a mistake if you learn something from it. A man asked a CEO how he was able to form such a successful company? Good decisions, was the answer. How did you learn to make good decisions? Experience. How did you get experience? Bad decisions.

For most of us, our bad decisions will not result in a life sentence. Let us learn from those who have gone before us and from our own experiences so we do not repeat mistakes. And let us take responsibility for those things we do incorrectly. Tell ourselves, “The buck stops here!”




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