Saddam’s Terror Training Camps

12 01 2006

In this article from the Weekly Standard about Saddam’s Terror Training Camps, the various reasons for the U.S. invasion of Iraq are outlined. I also came across the photo to the left of Salman Pak on Delta Mike Charlie’s blog. Our reasons for going into Iraq go well beyond the WMD issue. And from the reports we have seen, it appears Iraq had all the necessary ingredients to proceed. When they consistently denied access to the UN inspection teams, red flags should have gone up and stayed up. Instead they were replaced with the French flag and Chirac’s smile. To say that Iraq was not about to produce WMD’s is like saying a bakery with flour, sugar, eggs, oil, and an oven are not about to start making donuts.

Democrats hammered the invasion as a “lie” or “misleading” by President Bush. But, another of the lesser-known rationales given was that Saddam Hussein was a supporter of terrorism. He gave Palestinian homicide bombers’ families monetary rewards when their relatives blew themselves to bits in an effort to kill Jews in Israel and the terrorist camp at Salman Pak where a Boeing jet was used as a training ground for hijacking.

Hussein was supporting terrorists by funding training camps at Samarra, Ramadi, and Salman Pak. An estimated 8,000 terrorists were expected to have completed training at these camps between 1999 and 2002. This is a slap in the face for Cindy Sheehan and opponents of the war since they maintain that Saddam had no ties to the IslamoFascists that attacked America on 9/11.

Terrorists hate us because we stand for freedom. Freedom can only be defended if you are willing, at any given time, to go to war over it. War is not anti-biblical either. The Israelites fought for the land God gave them many times. Why? To be free and worship Him they way He desired. Thank God we have a proactive President and not a reactive one. Terrorists commited several acts of war against the U.S. during the Clinton years and he assumed the fetal position, sucked his thumb, and waited for the media to downplay everything. Now, it appears that Iran and possibly N. Korea are lining up the way Iraq did. Let us pray we have the fortitude to do what is necessary to defend our freedom.




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