A Functioning Country?

20 01 2006

Yorkie Blog has a nice post about Eric Alterman’s latest ludicrous link on MSNBC.

Excerpt: “So we’ve gutted the budget for reconstruction in Iraq, something that may make sense, given that we’re not really conducting any, and are incapable of providing the necessary security to do so, but at the same time, we’ve destroyed what was a functioning country. True it was a totalitarian dictatorship run by mass murderer, but it functioned for most people.

Who is most people? Did Nazi Germany function for most people? Sure, Hitler had a lot of supporters. So did Saddam. But both also murdered its own citizens by the thousands and wrote it off as a necessity. And how about Slobedon Miloceivc? The U.S. took pre-emptive action and went in to take him out because it was the right thing to do. But where were all the peace-nik’s at that time? Function. Hardly.

Now, check out what Sonic Frog said concerning Alterman’s absurd point.

Excerpt: “If you can be happy with the way Saddam ran Iraq, why can’t you be happy with the way Bush runs this country? You percieve it to be roughly the same. Both torture, rig elections, invade countries without provication…I’m just asking.”

Although, Bush is as close to Saddam as Jesse Jackson is to Billy Graham, Sonic Frog has a nice point. And it is on Alterman’s level. Iraq is working. Alterman’s comment is yet another example of how many on the left are more concerned with getting rid of Bush than focusing on the positives of the war and protecting America.




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