Two Touchy Situations

20 01 2006

This article is concerning John Walker Lindh, the American-born Taliban soldier who was captured Nov. 21, 2001 along side Taliban fighters.

Excerpt: “Charged with conspiring to kill Americans and supporting terrorists, John Walker Lindh avoided a potential life sentence in 2002 by pleading guilty to lesser charges of supplying services to the Taliban in violation of U.S. economic sanctions and of carrying weapons against U.S. forces. In exchange, Lindh agreed to withdraw claims of abuse or torture. Even so, John’s father, Frank Lindh, said his son did no wrong. John Walker Lindh is currently serving a 20-year prison sentence. Last year John renewed his request for clemency, which was already rejected once.”

And this article is concerning the Christian Science Monitor journalist, Jill Carroll, who is being held captive by the group previously known as “Revenge Brigade.”

Excerpt: “As a deadline neared for hostage American journalist Jill Carroll, Muslim leaders and her pleading mother appealed Thursday to kidnappers to spare her life and set her free. The kidnappers have set a deadline of Friday evening for all Iraqi female detainees to be freed or they will kill Carroll. However, Iraqi kidnappers have often given such ultimatums only to ignore them and continue holding captives.”

Two families begging the captors for mercy. Both situations are very sensitive. However, I have to side with Jill’s case because she is not against the U.S. I certainly hope that John’s sentence is never reduced. I feel that he needs to serve the full sentence. He is a traitor. Of course, today, we have many traitors disguised as Democrats prowling the streets of D.C. such as Hillary Clinton, Ted Kennedy, and Al Gore. We are doing all we can to proactively hunt down as many Al-Qaida members as we can, while trying to swat away the liberal gnats that keep slowing us down and impeding progress.




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