Book of Daniel Pulled

27 01 2006

Several weeks ago, I posted about my local NBC station airing The Book of Daniel show. They have since had bad ratings nationwide and NBC canceled the show.

Today, I received an email from the president of my local affiliate, explaining why he aired the show and how the “system” worked. In part, he is correct but I had to respectfully disagree. Below is my response.

“Thank you for your email. While I do not pretend to be an expert on the system of ratings and shows, I still feel the need to respectfully disagree with you on your decision to go ahead and air the show. Allow me, if you will, to provide you a neutral-ground example, away from my background of sales and yours in running a local network.

Lets say your son’s middle school is required by law to offer all students a chance to play the popular video game, “Grand Theft Auto” for at least one class period per day. Most everyone knows a little about this game. And most young people have played it at least once. The object is to rob banks, shoot and kill police officers, innocent bystanders, and having sex with women. Any decent parent would immediately call the principle’s office demanding that this game not be offered in their child’s school. And rightfully so. But now the principle says removing it would not be as effective as letting the school proceed to offer the game, but let the students decide if they want to play or not. Let’s inform them on what it is about, but let them decide. And then you discover that the principle is being paid an extra bonus from the game’s production company to offer it. If he does not offer it, he does not get paid.

Sometimes a different perspective other than the one we are immersed in on a daily basis helps more than all our industry expertise. Next time, Mr. Tolar, I hope you might consider joining any other networks that cancel a show and set an example for other stations on where your moral line will be drawn.

Thank you for your consideration.”




One response

1 02 2006
Kevin Woosley

If I might be alllowed to point out the obvious: airing “BOD” (a show that was obviously insulting to Christians) and allowing it to succeed or fail in the ratings is exactly how conservative thinkers say that the free market should work. The show failed and was pulled, which was the free market correcting itself. It’s just like how we’re told that we don’t need pollution controls and regulations because the market will have the good sense to notice the negative effects of pollution on our environment and human population and self-regulate out pollution. Okay, so that doesn’t seem to happen. But guess what? NBC self-regulated it’s own pollution. Maybe Conservatives need to have more faith in their own system (even if people like me don’t).

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