What are Professors Afraid of?

28 01 2006

From WorldNetDaily: College students at UCLA were being paid to expose the leftist teachings of some of their professors. Now, the head of the Bruin Alumni Association has cut off the payments.

Excerpt: “For decades, conservatives have mashed their hands together in never-ending frustration over the fact that such a liberal faculty dominated America’s publicly funded colleges and universities. We’ve whined and moaned about the fact that it was an offense to the taxpayers of America that they were forced to pay the bill for what has essentially become the recruiting campus of the Democrat National Committee and liberal political action groups like MoveOn.org. And yet, despite all of our complaining, there hasn’t been much “the Right” has done about it. If these college professors are so uncomfortable with the light of public scrutiny, then this should serve as a signal to them that they know deep down inside that their attempts to use public universities as political recruiting tools for the American Left is shameful, improper and inappropriate.

What are they so afraid of? Why are they screaming “FOUL!!” when they’ve barely been touched? These extreme leftists are actually functioning like a mini-terrorist cell operating within the U.S. Instead of teaching students to think for themselves, they are doing more recruiting for socialist organizations. This does nothing for the Democrat party. It only teaches students to piladge, plunder, and attack conservatives. Granted, Ted Kennedy, Al Gore, and Hillary Clinton do enough of that on their own. But Democrats will need an agenda for 2008 and attacking conservatives will not win votes.




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