Terrorist Bill of Rights

6 02 2006

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales testified today on President Bush’s terrorist surveillance program.

Excerpt: “President Bush’s terrorism surveillance program is well within the boundaries of presidential authority in the time of war and said it “may make the difference between success and failure” in stopping the next terrorist attack. Democrats, meanwhile, are accusing the administration of depriving Congress of information about the program and say the program is illegal.”

Even Republican Senator Arlen Specter believes that some or possibly many laws have been broken and called Gonzales’ testimony “strained and unrealistic.”

But how can the U.S. “spy” when Democrats are blowing our cover? The Left is giving the impression that they are siding with the terrorists at this point. They would never admit it, but indeed it is the impression Americans get.

Democrats are painting 2 significant lies about the program:
1. It is domestic
2. It broke the law

It is not domestic when one end of the call originates from outside this country. That is indisputable.

It did not break the law because the President is adhering to the Constitution and informing who he is required to communicate with and got authorization from whom he needed permission.

End of discussion right? No. Senators like “Dingy” Harry and “Leaky” Leahy want to tattle-tail and drag our entire “secret” spying program into public view so they can look good. Did they even consider the fact the terrorists are watching this? They are leaning forward in their chairs and saying, “Oh, this is just perfect! Hey Binny, come look at these idiots…doing our leg work for us!”

I might as well help ‘em too. Here is my advance copy of the Terrorist Bill or Rights, to be released later this month by top Democrat spokesperson, Cindy Sheehan.

1. Congress shall make no laws. We won’t need any. Our judges can come up with those.
2. No one can have any guns. Nor knives. Eat with your fingers.
3. No soldier shall be quartered in time of war because we won’t have any wars. We want peace and we shall have it.
4. No searches, no seizures, no warrants, if you’re guilty, just turn yourself in.
5. You won’t get far enough in court to have to plead the Fifth. Don’t worry. You’ll be free well before then.




2 responses

7 02 2006

Now what is St Sheehan the Mournful going to read at her next news conference?

8 02 2006

As opposed to the conservative view, which is:

1. Congress shall make no laws. We won’t need any. The President will create authority as necessary. Just trust him! He knows right from wrong!

2. Our enemies will be godless heathens, with many, many weapons of mass destruction. Or, maybe a few weapons. Or, if we can’t find them, we’ll just tell everyone we’re “liberating” the country. Oh yes, and arm the children with guns. Everyone’s safer when they carry firearms.

3. We love war. We love the war machine. We’d rather have the majority of our budget pay for massive new weaponry programs than pay for some New England liberal to go to college. Also, more money for war means we don’t have to take care of those old people and all their health problems. Compassionate Conservatives could care less about the elderly and their need for Medicare. Make em fend for themselves.

4. Searches? Seizures? Warrants? Whatever! Forget personal privacy, or the protections outlined in the Constitution, we need to act NOW! Wait, there’s a special court, setup to answer our requests for warrants? We can wait 3 days to submit a request for a warrant? And they’re a SECRET court?!? That’s not good enough! That entails oversight and we don’t like someone questioning our motives. We’ll just do as we choose.

5. With half the leadership of our party currently embroiled in bribery scandals, we should pad the Supreme Court with sympathetic ears. That could help Scooter and Karl, too.

Questioning the motivations and actions of our government is patriotic. To equate the concern over domestic wiretapping with supporting terrorism only supports my argument that the right-wing is filled with reactionary simpletons.

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