This was an ACT of WAR Against the United States

6 02 2006

The bombing of the USS Cole in 2000:
When the USS Cole was bombed in 2000, it was a clear act of war against the U.S. It makes me wonder if then President Clinton had treated it as such and demanded custody of the terrorist to try him and punish him for making war on the U.S.

Instead, he assumed the fetal, better-to-not-ruffle-anyone’s-feathers position and hoped it would go away. And since the media doesn’t crucify liberal presidents, it almost did. Shortly thereafter, Syria offered Clinton Bin Laden if he wanted him. Clinton declined.

Now, this terrorist has escaped. Ridiculous. I hope he is fair game. We all know what happens to Americans when we are captured abroad for “crimes.”

Now that Yeman has its own Shawshank, let us hope he tries to cash in somewhere and can be re-captured.




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