Black Candidates Return to Republican Roots

11 02 2006

From CBN News Democrats now have even more work ahead of them. Five outstanding and well-qualified black Americans (I can’t bring myself to use the term African-American – we’re ALL Americans here) are (potential) candidates for office.

  1. Lynn Swann, former Pittsburgh Steeler, running for governor of Pennsylvania
  2. Ken Blackwell, Ohio Secretary of State, running for governor of Ohio
  3. Michael Steele, Maryland lieutenant governor, running for U.S. Senate for Maryland
  4. Keith Butler, minister, running for U.S. Senate for Michigan
  5. Condoleezza Rice is a potential candidate for the presidency in 2008.

Commentator Herman Cain says when blacks vote Republican, “It sends a very strong message that you can no longer look at the African-American vote as one monolithic group.”

Swann may be the most well-known, with his famous past as a Pittsburgh Steeler and a sports broadcaster.

Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell may be the most-experienced, having been Cincinnati’s mayor, Ohio’s treasurer, a deputy Cabinet secretary in the first Bush administration, and a U.N. Human Rights Commission ambassador.

Maryland’s first black lieutenant governor, Michael Steele, would like to be Maryland’s first black U.S. senator.

Now all of these Republican candidates also happen to be dedicated Christians. Keith Butler, is a minister of the 21,000-member mega church Word of Faith International Christian Center, outside Detroit, Michigan.

Enough blacks are joining the GOP that the National Black Republican Association recently formed in Washington, D.C., and this week is co-sponsoring the high-powered Conservative Political Action Conference in the nation’s capitol.

If you look at the biggest impediments to economic success for people in this country, it’s not a black issue, it’s not a white issue – it’s a green issue. Which is why capitalist conservatives may be doing well in the polls this year, especially when they are also cultural conservatives. Because it is this combo that is attracting many whites as well as blacks, to the GOP and its slate of issues.

If you go back in history, you will find that it is not that strange that African-Americans should run as Republicans or vote for the GOP. The party formed in the 1800’s around the fight against slavery, and championed rights for the freed slaves in the post-Civil War South. Historian David Barton points out that blacks formed all state Republican parties across the South. “Here I stand as a Texan,” Barton remarked. “My Republican party was started on the 4th of July, 1867 by 150 blacks and 20 whites. Every southern Republican party was started by blacks, not whites.” Swann echoed that sentiment, saying, “The African-American vote hasn’t always been Democratic. Before it was a Democratic bloc, it was a Republican bloc.”

My earlier post concerning Hillary’s plantation remark is relevant to these candidates because they have long freed themselves from “plantation thinking.”And they aim to free plenty of voters in their states with them from liberals’ traps of government programs.

Even if the Democrats are able to defeat all four blacks running this year, they can no longer take the black vote for granted. And to defeat all four will take a massive effort and a darn good job of selling (read: conning) voters on their big government, highly taxed programs.




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