"Green" Christians Might Have Jumped the Gun

11 02 2006

Jerry Falwell poses an interesting view point on a group of about 80 Christian leaders, among them The Purpose Driven Life author Rick Warren, that have released a statement conveying what they describe as a biblically-driven pledge to address issues of “global warming.”

Many of the people who signed this document are my friends — some are dear friends. Nevertheless, I have felt compelled to oppose their effort because I believe that global warming is an unproven phenomenon and may actually just be junk science being passed off as fact.

In addition, I believe that so-called solutions to global warming — and particularly the Kyoto Protocol, which is the politically-correct international agreement to fight greenhouse gas emissions — would devastate the American economy if adopted by our nation. Further, studies have shown that costly efforts to stem greenhouse gas emissions would just barely reduce global temperatures.

There are many respected scientists who feel that present warming trends are a cyclical phenomenon; they point to the 70s, only 30 years ago, when many scientists were similarly predicting a global cooling.

Alan Wisdom, president of the Institute on Religion and Democracy, stated this week, “Churches should be reluctant to attach the name of the Gospel of Christ to contemporary political agendas that lack a clear scriptural mandate and consensus among the faithful.”

And do not forget about China and India, two other major nations who comprise more than half of the world’s population and have stated they will not sign any such agreement.

I only hope that these 80 Christians did not participate because most environmentalists are liberals. In other words, to isolate themselves from other Christians. Christians should be more cautious when becoming politically active about an issue of such magnitude, especially when the facts are so obscure.

I feel that, at this point, Christians should draw the line at asking the government to improve control of emission output. Otherwise, we could be looking at an avalanche of economic and environmental issues that might not otherwise exist.




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11 02 2006

Interesting thoughts. I wouldn’t worry about devasting the U.S. economy by adopting Kyoto. France and Germany adopted Kyoto and have simply ignored it. Their greenhouse emissions have actually increased since adoption. Thanks.

12 02 2006

Thanks for your return post. I agree global warming isn’t established science, but very little is, beyond the basics (gravity, light, motion, etc). I am a Christian that has more faith in Christ Jesus than anything else. However, the brain we have been blessed with was given to us for a reason and I feel that the evidence for global warming has reached critical mass. The question then becomes “how cyclical is it?” I tend to believe humans are, at the very least, intensifying the effects of this possible cycle and that the effects could be devastating. A good family friend of mine runs the Byrd Polar Research laboratory at Ohio State and has shown me the most compelling evidence I’ve seen. http://researchnews.osu.edu/archive/lonnityler.htm
I agree with you that Christians should closely examine the role they are playing in this political issue given its divisiveness. Keep up the good work — very well written blog!

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