Iran: Free Speech Does Not Apply

14 02 2006

This is the response Iraninan President Ali Khamenei gives his people in a speech, enraging Muslims over the cartoon controversy.

Ali Khamenei: The freedom of speech about which the [Westerners] talk so much does not permit anyone to doubt the myth about the massacre of the Jews, known
as the Holocaust. There is no room for freedom of speech there.

In the European countries, many people – including scientists, researchers, historians, and journalists – are so afraid that they do not dare to express the doubt in their hearts about this issue. Some of them even believe that this issue is an outright lie. They do not dare to say so, because they have seen that anyone who says so is punished, imprisoned, persecuted, and deprived of his rights. At that point, freedom of speech no longer applies. Yet, offending what is holy to one and a half billion Muslims for no reason, without one party having insulted the other – this is permitted. This is classified as freedom of speech.

This is not about the journalist or cartoonist, who was paid by the Zionists to draw
this cartoon in order to serve their impure purposes. The problem is that the European Leaders defend this act. They stand behind this vile and stupid act, and consider it to be legitimate and permit is as freedom of speech. That’s what this is about.

I assume that a profound Zionist plot is at the core of the matter. They are setting the Muslims and Christians against one another. This is very important for the Zionists – to set the great Muslim community around the world against the Christians, and to set the Christians against the Muslims. That’s what this is about. This is the handiwork of the Zionists. Full Transcript

No, Mr. Khamenei, this is not a free speech issue.

And exactly what researchers and scientists is he referring to? Jihadists living in London or Berlin? In 50 years, these radicals will call 9/11 a myth. Nevermind the video footage and photographs. We made it all up, just like Europeans have fabricated the Holocaust. Hitler would be outraged.

Michelle Malkin has more on the freedom of speech issue dealing with the cartoons.




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