Abu Ghraib vs. Danish Cartoons

15 02 2006

The first time Abu Ghraib photos were released in 2004 it sparked international outrage. Now, some new photos have been leaked and the MSM is gladly printing them, but don’t worry, they still respect Islam, even though both the photos and Danish cartoons are insults to Muslims.

The photos were obtained under freedom of information laws by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and broadcast on the Australian documentary programme Dateline.

“The photographs have to be released so the public have some idea of what happened at Abu Ghraib,” ACLU lawyer Amrit Singh told SBS on the programme.
“It is for the public to decide on looking at them what needs to be done.”

Is that so? First of all, why can’t the public make up its mind about the Danish cartoons? Why does the public have to turn to bloggers and more bloggers just to find out what is really going on?

Second, none of us civilians, nor the MSM, have any idea what goes on in a war or a prison, truthfully. We don’t know who these prisoners are or what they did. They might have just shot a soldiers best buddy to death several days before these photos were taken. They deserve some torture.

Third, this is not torture, nor or are they absurdities. I nearly confused these photos with a college fraternity hazing event. Some reminded me of things I had done to me.

Fourth, since these barely qualify for harsh treatment at best, it is not possible for the corpses to have died from these events. Shotgun to the rear – NO. Hanging upside down – belittling, but NOT death.

Finally, our soldiers are putting themselves in harm’s way. A few bad apples ruins it for the rest, and we can deal with them. But let’s be real here. The MSM is so liberal in their demeanor, that we might not be able to fight a war on terrorism unless some limitations are placed on them. If the MSM were on the beaches of Normandy, we would’nt have made it to the bunkers, much less Berlin. If they were in Vietnam, the Huey’s would never have even landed in the LZ’s. Now, they want to impeach the President for doing his homework and the VP for an accident involving a friend.

You go Jack Bauer’s in Iraq! Do what you must to get intel. Let’s target the leaders.

Tim Blair is on the same page.

“They won’t publish cartoons, but they will run anything they can get out of Abu Ghraib. Both sets of images provoke Islamic anger; note how the media behaves when that anger is directed at them.”

Sister Toldjah weighs in.

Don’t let the media fool you when they talk about not wanting to ‘offend’ Muslims. They have no problems with it at all – at least not if it fans the flames of hatred against the US under the Bush administration.

The new photos can be seen here. Some are graphic.

Also, websites like those of Michelle Malkin and others critical of Islamic extremists are under attack by hackers. Stay alert.

Don Surber




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