Bush, NSA Fighting Two Battles

15 02 2006

From Washington Post

Congress appeared ready to launch an investigation into the Bush administration’s warrantless domestic surveillance program last week, but an all-out White House lobbying campaign has dramatically slowed the effort and may kill it, key Republican and Democratic sources said yesterday.

They attributed the shift to last week’s closed briefings given by top administration
officials to the full House and Senate intelligence committees. Before the New York Times disclosed the NSA program in mid-December, administration briefings regarding it were highly secret and limited to eight lawmakers: the top Republican and Democratic leader of the House and Senate, respectively, and the top Republican and Democrat on the House and Senate intelligence committees.

Captain’s Quarter’s comments on the fact that over 60% of Americans favor this kind of surveillance, with or without warrants at all.

Most members of Congress from both parties now express a desire to continue the
program, as long as they can add in legislation giving Congress more oversight, mostly as a way to justify all of the rhetoric already spent on the issue.

Special rhetoric thanks goes to Kennedy, Kerry, Hillary, and Gore.

Stop The ACLU points out that even if a probe into the legality of the program does not take place by Congress, the ACLU lawsuit will still continue and the fate of the program could end up in the hands of judges.

While some legislators are proposing bills that would provide oversight into the program, this will not satisfy the appetite of the ACLU who are bent on disclosing and destroying the entire program, National Security be damned.

From FoxNews

CIA Director Porter Goss said, “The question America should be focusing on now is how much damage to National Security has occured through the leak of this classified information, and what traitor compromised America’s safety for partisan politics? There are some that are concerned with how much damage was done by the New York Times, and how much more will be done by groups like the ACLU.”

“Does anyone really believe that, after 50 days of having this program on the front page of our newspapers, across talk shows across America, that Al Qaeda has not changed the way that it communicates?” Rep. Pete Hoekstra, R-Mich, said on NBC’s Meet the Press.

How true this really is. Al-Qaeda was watching us when we didn’t have a clue. Now we know they are, and we can’t get any intelligence without bitter liberals making a scene and exposing all of us. One looming reason that we could not locate Bin Ladin after 9/11 was lack of intelligence. Now, that we are attempting to get some and prevent attacks, the program is exposed and labeled illegal. Absurd.

But now according to National Security Archives press release:

The National Security Archive, along with the ACLU, this week joined the Electronic Privacy Information Center in a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the Department of Justice seeking to compel the immediate disclosure of the internal legal justifications for the surveillance program. Americans want to be safe. That is one key reason we choose whom we vote for on election day. Many polls indicate support for the wiretapping and confidence that Bush followed the laws that he needed to obey. But as Democrats realize they are taking yet another hit, we turn our attention to their liberal buddies in the media to find out who broke the leak.

Stop The ACLU will be an intervening party in the ACLU Vs. NSA lawsuit. If you would like to help, here is how you can.


Iowa Voice

I find it interesting that, when Bill Clinton was being impeached, polls indicated many Americans did not care about the President’s morality, just as long as the economy was doing good. Huh.

Well, now we have a President who is pulling out all the stops to keep our country safe, but liberals want to smear his tactics and his presidency, with a goal of dropping his approval percentages and ultimately, with Democrats winning in 2008. But the economy is doing great, record-breaking growth, unemployment low, the Dow hitting all-time high’s. All this just a few years after a homeland attack and a war being carried out. This says a lot about liberals and even the media on where they are willing to go for power and influence.




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