Open Letter from Blogging Man 2007

16 02 2006

The following is an open letter from Matthew Comprix of Blogging Man 2007.

Hello Friends,

I write you today to ask for a little help. As many of you know I am involved in a Political Bloggers Conference called Blogging Man ( We have hit a bit of a snag…

It’s one of those business things, the big sponsor doesn’t want to sponsor a non-event, so they request that we get at least one Big name signed on before they will commit to giving us money…

The big name we have lined up, won’t sign up until we give him the deposit…

And so on, but the good news here is the gap for all of this to come together is very small, about $1000…

But we really could use your help… If everyone could post this BlogBurst and / or buy a “Wall of Blogs” Blogger Sponsorship, we could meet our goal, and put Blogging Man on the map. So here goes…

Blogging Man 2007 is THE Political Blogger’s Conference!
Blogging Man 2007will be the FIRST national conference for Political Bloggers EVER.
Scheduled for three days in Reno, Nevada, Blogging Man 2007 will set the standard for Political Blogging Conferences to come.

A Conference BY Bloggers JUST Like YOU. The developers and speakers for Blogging Man 2007 are bloggers, first and foremost. They come from all over the country, and all have a passion for politics, and blogging.

A Conference FOR Bloggers JUST Like YOU. Blogging Man 2007 is for YOU, if you love blogging, and love politics.

DON’T Get Left Out Of The First BIG Blogging Event of the Century.

There are opportunities for YOU to participate in BM 2007.

You can promote YOUR BLOG on our Wall of Blogs, EVEN if you can’t attend the conference yourself! The Wall of Blogs will be a MAIN Display at the Conference. Space for the Wall of Blogs is ONLY $20.

But Blogging Man 2007 for ONLY $20!

Also, for a limited time, Early Registration for Blogging Man 2007 is ONLY $75. AND, Early
get a copy of Hugh Hewitt’s groundbreaking book BLOG while they last.

Blogging Man 2007 also has a very limited number of Bronze Sponsorships available for $500.

The Bronze Sponsorships includes the benefits of the Blogger Sponsorship, PLUS:
YOUR Logo and Ad in the Event Program,
YOUR logo and ad space on the Event Website,
AND One FREE Registration to BloggingMan 2007.

Get Your Blog on The Wall of Blogs! Get YOUR copy of Blog! By Hugh Hewitt with Your Early Registration. Get Your Logo in the Event Program with Your Bronze Sponsorships! Don’t Get Left Out of Blogging Man 2007!

Matthew (Zaphriel) Comprix
Director of Blogger Relations
Blogging Man 2007

This was a production of Stop The ACLU Blogburst. If you would like to join us, please email Jay or Gribbit. You will be added to our mailing list and blogroll. Over 150 blogs already on-board.




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