Is New Orleans Owed Anything to Rebuild

18 02 2006

Do we owe it New Orleans to rebuild the city?

This is a packed question. Many black American citizens of N.O. feel as though aid coming from government is out of guilt.

So, is New Orleans owed anything to rebuild?

No. Why?

Certain cities in America are indispensable. Young, educated, workers are flocking to these cities: New York, Boston, Dallas, San Francisco, Phoenix, Atlanta, Charlotte, DC.

Detroit, Milwaukee, N. O., Pittsburgh…are not in America’s future as primary cities. They cannot keep up. The young are leaving for more compatible cities and the old that retire will be a burden on their local government with fewer workers.

Over twenty years ago, Vegas took N. O.’s party business, Houston took its energy business, and Atlanta has established itself as the marquee city of the south.
But N.O. is “unique,” many will argue. But not $500 billion unique.
N.O. spent the money already given them on their football team and Mardis Gras. It was their choice. Local and state government were warned about the levee situation years ago. The governor, mayor, nor anyone have the grounds to blame the Bush administration for any poor response time to Katrina. The bottom line is that state and local officials should have taken the preventative measures necessary at the appropriate time.
Similarly, Galveston, TX, was wiped out in a hurricane in the early 1900’s and the federal government did not do much to help it rebuild. Besides, most of its citizens relocated, just as with N.O.

I sympathize with the citizens of N.O. in the loss of their family and property. I wish the people they elected would have done their jobs better. For the residents that return, I hope that they will elect officials that will take responsibility. Now, we should all be concentrating on efforts to help the citizens that have relocated to settle into their new homes.

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