Parental Consent: Absurdity Unlimited

20 02 2006

The notion of “abortion rights” as morally non-negotiable protecting the rights of women, forms one of the main non-negotiable foundations of the secular humanist’s house of cards, except of course female fetuses.

One of the major tenets of this “protection” of women says that underage females have the moral right to have an abortion without the notification or the consent of their parental guardians, and of course without either of these things from the father who never even shows up in the discussion at all.

Obviously, the proponents of non-adults consent for minors receiving abortions have stumbled onto some super-potent Acapulco Ka-Zowie Wowie! Even more disconcerting is the significant number of the American citizenry following these apparently drug-stuped leaders.

So in an attempt to gain a rational perspective on this issue, let’s briefly look at some of the things that are generally mandated nationally as unlawful for minors to do other than terminate a child’s life. All of these prohibitions assume a degree of so-called “diminished capacity” on the part of adolescents requiring additional parental consent because they are not fully responsible adults:

  1. Buy liquor
  2. Buy tobacco products
  3. Vote
  4. Get married without parental consent
  5. Have intercourse with a minor, i.e., the old saying, “Under 18 can get you 20!”
  6. Skip school without an excuse
  7. Purchase a firearm
  8. Get a driver’s license before 16 (but you can get an abortion)
  9. Get prescription drugs of any kind without the parents’ knowledge
  10. Join the military
  11. Have any medical procedure without parental consent (except an abortion)
  12. Get a credit card or co-sign for financial institutional loans
  13. Be charged for adult crimes, even murder
  14. Who else can add to my off-the-top-of-my-head list?
  15. Smoke the same stuff the proponents of non-parental consent are obviously doing

I am sure such a litany of legal restrictions will not phase or even dent the diminished moral-intellectual capacity of our “minors’ abortion rights” friends. Why? Because this isn’t really about logic, reason, I.Q., legal consistency, the Constitution, or even prodigious amounts of drugs imbibed or inhaled. It’s about the rejection of responsibility for personal choices. It’s about a vicious concealing of facts and options from minors and their parents. It’s about the hate that pours out from these advocates when you unflinchingly confront them concerning the illogic of all this, even in a gentle and non-hostile way. It’s a spiritual disease.

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