Port Deal – Scrutiny Heralded

21 02 2006

As I noted previously, Democrats have been screaming that Bush is a terrorist for the last 4 years! They’ve also been declaring that Cheney is a torturer! Rice doesn’t have a clue! Got rid of Ashcroft, now Gonzalez needs to go!

But this is the first time in the last 4 years that Democrats have acknowledged that we have an enemy whose name does not start a “B” and end with a “ush.”

Now that Carter supports the deal, it is more likely to go up in flames. This was probably the worst thing that could happen for supporters of the deal.

The President got a boost Monday from an unlikely source, frequent critic and former president Jimmy Carter, who downplayed fears that the deal poses a risk. “The overall threat to the United States and security, I don’t think it exists,” Carter said on CNN’s The Situation Room. “I’m sure the president’s done a good job with his subordinates to make sure this is not a threat.”

Many Republicans and Democrats feel that in our post – 9/11 world, we cannot be too careful. And there is also the notion that if you cannot sway an enemy diplomatically, become his friend. While the UAE is not our enemy, its government has supported our enemy. So, by brokering a deal to make UAE more dependent on us, will that not increase the likelihood that they will cease to support Al-Qaida?

This is not a simple security issue either. It is also an economic issue. There are zero U.S. companies that purchase ports in other countries. And when this British company sells, they will also be at zero. It makes more sense economically, but has been overrun by a onslaught of political outbursts that seemed slow to get off the ground.

I support Senator Frist, from my beloved state of Tennessee, who writes

Post 9/11 prudence warrants – at the very least – a more extensive review of this matter. As Ronald Reagan used to say: ‘trust, but verify.’ And that’s what we need to do. The simple fact is, there’s no such thing as being ‘too careful’ in a post 9/11 world.

As of today, I’m requesting briefings on this deal. If the Administration does not put the deal on hold, I will introduce legislation doing so … to ensure that this decision gets a more thorough review.

Common sense warrants it; our national security requires it. I expect to be discussing this issue in greater detail this evening when I appear on Hannity & Colmes. I hope you will tune in.
Written by Bill Frist, M.D

The Bush administration is not totally lost on this deal. They had to know it would be met with resistance…from both sides. But it has forced Democrats to take a stand. This proves the last 4 years were wasted by Democrats in futile attempts to smear this administration. I am in full support of more scrutiny. I believe that this deal has the potential to help our country economically and politically, but needs further investigating.

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