Clueless Judge Gets His

23 02 2006

In response to a November ruling by a U.S. District Judge, Representative Mike Sodrel, a Republican, has introduced legislation to prevent federal courts from ruling on the content of speech in legislatures.

Judge David Hamilton (appointed by Bill Clinton) had ruled that any prayer that refers to Jesus Christ, Savior, or Son of God is unconstitutional. Any such reference, he said, “amounts in practical terms to an official endorsement of the Christian religion.”

Sodrel and Representative Dan Burton called Hamilton’s ruling “a clear example of judicial activism.” I say its just another example of judicial idiocy.

Sodrel said his bill would provide immunity for content of speech for lawmakers or their guests during a legislative session, excluding witnesses and excluding speech that constitutes treason, an admission of a crime or a breach of the peace. The bill would also prohibit the use of federal funds to enforce a decision like Hamilton’s.

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