Why Liberals Should Hate the Olympics

3 03 2006

In celebration of the United States’ impressive performance in the 2006 Torino Olympic Games, despite some major blunders, withdrawals, and cocky performers, the U.S. finished an impressive second in the final medal count.

But even more impressive to me, were the athletes who did win. They carried themselves proudly but not too cocky. They respected their competitors and wore the Stars and Stripes well.

Here is the “Question Du Jour:” What do liberals and the Olympics not have in common? When sportscasters like Bryant Gumbel say things like this, it gives the Olympics a bad rep. But it also gives liberals a bad rep.

  1. The Olympics have winners and losers. To a liberal, no one should lose. We are all created equal and should stay equal. Liberals look out for everyone, the little guy.
  2. There is a rich history in the Olympics. Records are kept, broken, and mentioned over and over. Athletes go down in the books with performances that cause them to stand apart from the rest.
  3. There is no affirmative action. The non-favored skiers are not allowed to start the slalom 50 meters ahead of the favored skiers. And French judges are not invited back after testing affirmative action in the couples ice skating.
  4. There are no taxes on the winners. No Robin Hood mentality here. No gold medalist is required to share portions of his gold with the bronze medalist or 4th place finisher.
  5. Athletes are allowed to win more than one medal. The rich can in fact get richer if their talents and resources permit.



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