Anti-Flag Desecration Amendment To Senate

6 03 2006

I was informed of this from Matt over at GOP Bloggers:

I have just received word that tomorrow morning, Senator Bill Frist will announce that a constitutional amendment giving Congress the power to ban the physical desecration of the American flag will receive a floor vote in the United States Senate. The vote will occur during the last week of June. More on this issue to come…

Some are for the amendment. And others are against it.

Personally, I wish everyone in this country would have the same appreciation for her as I and many others share. Alas, many do not. But that small insignificant number does not make us any less great. Being great comes with a price – attention. Just ask J.J. Redick, the Duke Blue Devils’ National Player of the Year candidate. You cannot pick what kind of attention you get. Some detest Wal-Mart, other live there. You must learn to deal with all types of attention. America and Ole Glory will always be Great.

People died for the flag, her cause, her country, and her soldiers. To desecrate it is to stab them all in the back. Iowa Voice also makes a good point:

Plain and simple, if we amend the Constitution to restrict one freedom of speech, what’s to stop it from being amended in the future to prohibit other kinds of speech? The precedent will have been set. The Constitution isn’t about what individuals can and can’t do, it’s about what government can and can’t do. It’s a contract, of sorts, with the people, and the government has broken this contract (or stretched the terms rather thin, at the very least) enough over the
years. We don’t need to give them a license for further encroachments.

Let the fools who want to burn the flag do it. They are only trying to steal some of America’s attention for themselves to be great. They get the opposite – shame.




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