Moonbat Makeover

7 03 2006

Colorado teacher Jay Bennish got a makeover and went on the Today Show this morning where Matt Lauer made an excuse for him: he was set up by Sean Allen.

Lauer: “The family here, the student’s family, didn’t go to the school board with this tape.”

Bennish: “They never contacted me.”

Lauer: “They shopped it around to conservative media outlets and finally released it to one and created an uproar. On the tape you can hear Sean Allen [the student in question] asking you questions that seem to be egging you on a little bit. Do you feel you were set up?”

Thank you Matt, but those of us who have ears to hear, remember hearing that Bennish said this in his rant, “My job as a teacher is to challenge students to think critically…, to encourage critical thought…, and students will be able to get extra credit regardless of their viewpoints.”

More. A Rocky Mountain News columnist sympathizes with poor Jay Bennish.

For you parents out there, today we bring you a little pop quiz.

Your child is having trouble with a teacher. You want to clear up the problem. And so you:

A. Ask for a conference with the teacher.
B. Ask for a conference with the principal.
C. Ask for a conference with the teacher and the principal.
D. Send your concerns to a college professor in faraway Virginia who sometimes subs for Rush Limbaugh on his radio show – and never bother to talk to the teacher at all.

Obviously, the correct answer is D. And if that seems strange, you haven’t been paying attention in class.

Maybe it’s not worth not paying that much attention. Several parents had already called the school and were unsuccessful in attempts to meet with the teacher nor the principal about his rants. Soooo…take away answers A, B, and C and BINGO! The correct answer is D.

Ace of Spades provides their own Pop Quiz.

Others who choose D: Michelle Malkin, Suitably Flip, Two Babes and a Brain, Conservative Thinking, Wizbang
Linked with: Argghhh!, Don Surber, Freedom Watch, Right Wing Nation




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