Student Makes 2nd Appearance on Hannity & Colmes

8 03 2006

Sean Allen, the student that exposed moonbat teacher, Jay Bennish, appeared on Hannity & Colmes once again yesterday to respond to some of the remarks Bennish made on Tuesday’s Today Show.

Expose the Left has the video.

Hannity & Colmes co-host Alan Colmes followed up Matt Lauer’s performance with an apologist role of his own for Bennish, and tried to portray him as the victim. Colmes says that the teacher “doesn’t necessarily believe these things” and he uses his remarks as a point for debate. These pathetic excuses for this raving humanist are not appeasing myself and other conservatives. He needs to be held responsible for pushing a humanist agenda in a public school.

Sean Allen also appeared on The Sean Hannity Show earlier yesterday afternoon to explain how he was snubbed from Tuesday’s Today Show. Allen was scheduled to appear in a taped segment with Jay Bennish, however Bennish, being the moonbat chicken that he is, requested that he be allowed to appear alone and Allen was cut out.

Others wishing for a Bennish termination: The Thunder Run, T. Longren, Independent Conservative




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