Dubai Ports World Gives U.S."The Finger"

9 03 2006

Well, Dubai Ports World has just given us the “middle finger.”

Via FOXNews

After Republican leaders warned President Bush that the House and Senate appeared ready to block DPW from taking over some U.S. port terminal operations, the company said it would give up its management stake in the deal.

The Thursday announcement was a blow for Democrats, who were pushing for a Senate vote on an amendment that would halt the deal.

If they succeeded in forcing an up-or-down vote on the amendment, Democrats could then claim a big election year win in the area of national security — an area Republicans generally have a stronger track record on.

The Political Pit Bull has an amusing video of whining Democrats.

This was as an economic deal just as much as a political one. However, many lawmakers on both sides have made it seem vice versa.

DPW’s withdrawal, however, might not be the end. UAE can still threaten to pull their airline out of the U.S., dump the contract they had to purchase Boeing jets, yank banks, and other business dealings.

I am satisfied that they pulled out because it was a win-win for both lawmakers and the American people. DPW loses for now and I’ll take it. Americans don’t like it when a foreign country threatens to take action if we don’t give into their demands and the UAE simply never did enough to convince this country that they were the “man for the job.”

Now, we have options, but there currently no U.S. companies that are in the port operation industry. A Michelle Malkin writer doesn’t care:

“Please, please, please let Halliburton get the ports contract. Sure, they have no experience at running ports–I just want to see moonbat heads explode.”

We shall see what the great American spirit produces now.

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