Pro-Humanist Teacher, Jay Bennish Back In

10 03 2006

This afternoon, Fox reported a breaking story that this humanism-pushing teacher in Colorado, Jay Bennish has been reinstated.

A teacher who was placed on leave after comparing President Bush’s State of the Union address to speeches by Adolf Hitler has been reinstated, school officials said Friday.

Social studies teacher Jay Bennish had been on paid leave from Overland High School in suburban Aurora since March 1 while administrators determined whether he violated a district rule that teachers must present balancing viewpoints in the classroom.

All we need is one stop. One person, organization, or group to stand up to the ACLU and say, “No! This is wrong. We will go to court.”

Bennish hired former Ward Churchill attorney, David Lane, who convinced the Cherry Creek School District that Bennish’s classroom discussions would offer opposing view points. My belief is Lane threatened with a major ACLU lawsuit and the school district decided to reinstate instead of fight.

I wonder if Bennish will reward students who take similar stances as his own. Or will he dock unnecessary points on students who take an opposing view. Or both.

This teacher has stated that he is not ashamed of what he did. He only wished he picked a different dictator to compare Bush to. While he has the right to free speech, as an individual, he does NOT have the right to attempt to establish the religion of Humanism in a public school.

That is precisely what he has been doing all year, or probably all of his career since the student that recorded him, Sean Allen, stated that all of his lectures had been of a similar format.

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