Univ. of Iowa Professors Anti-Religion

15 03 2006

Several University of Iowa professors have joined moonbat teacher, Jay Bennish, and other liberals and violated the First Amendment by attempting to establish humanism as a religion in schools.


University of Iowa medical students and faculty held a forum on February 28th to discuss concerns that have been raised regarding bigoted and aggressive behavior on the part of liberal professors toward conservative and religious students there, creating a hostile learning environment.

According to new reports that were brought to light at the forum a staff physician while in the operating room made “pretty strong” comments which openly ridiculed and demeaned the Mormon faith of one of the students he was responsible for evaluating. A third year student recalled a professor’s comments made in the lecture hall immediately following the 2004 election that “anyone who voted for Bush is an idiot.” One professor even required all his students to refer to the medical procedure of circumcision as the political term “male genital mutilation”.

Students also expressed concern that the intolerant atmosphere engendered by the faculty and permitted by the administration has emboldened fellow liberal students to follow suit and partake in similar acts of aggressive and disrespectful behavior thereby further exacerbating the problem and creating a divide between the student body.

When questioned about accusations of a politically charged and hostile culture there, University of Iowa Faculty and Administration staff regularly claim that no such problem has been raised to them and cite the regular distribution and use of anonymous evaluations that students can fill out and convey their concerns as evidence they are monitoring the situation. Comments made to the press by University officials even indicated that the evaluations yielded no such complaints. However, students at the forum also mentioned these evaluations as the means they used to raise complaints about the hostile environment there and expressed disappointment that they have received no response from the school and observed no positive changes.

According to Gary Schneider, Executive Director of “The Reality Check On Campus”, a student support network and campus watchdog group, “Its one thing to provide students with opportunities to raise concerns about a hostile learning environment or unprofessional conduct on the part of professors, but its entirely another thing to positively act on those concerns that have been raised and proved to be true; The University seems to have excelled at the former, but is failing at the latter.”

Univ. of Iowa seems to be backpeddling on this. The administration thought a nice little forum would be enough for these religious students to come in and vent some frustation. But I think they want to see change.

Rightly so. Humanism is being declared as the national religion by liberals all across the country and education is its biggest ally. It needs to be exposed.




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