Ginsberg Out of Hibernation

16 03 2006

Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg came out of hibernation to deliver a very alarming speech.

Powerline reports

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsburg gave a speech in South Africa last month, which, for some reason, is just now being publicized. Ginsburg’s speech was titled A Decent Respect for the Opinions of [Human]kind. In it, Ginsburg argued explicitly for the relevance of foreign law and court decisions to interpretation of the American Constitution. Ginsburg did not try to hide the partisan nature of this issue; at one point, she referred to “the perspective I share with four of my current colleagues,” and she specifically criticized Justice Antonin Scalia, Judge Richard Posner, and the two bills that were introduced in Congress in 2004 and were broadly supported by Republicans. And she indulged in an outrageous bit of demagoguery, suggesting that those who disagree with her are somehow aligned with Justice Taney’s infamous defense of slavery in the Dred Scott case.

This former ACLU leader argues that foreign courts have a “common denominator” with U.S. courts.

To a large extent, I believe, the critics in Congress and in the media misperceive how and why U.S. courts refer to foreign and international court decisions. We refer to decisions rendered abroad, it bears repetition, not as controlling authorities, but for their indication, in Judge Wald’s words, of “common denominators of basic fairness governing relationships between the governors and the governed.”

The U.S. is a country that has been governed by the same piece of paper for over 200 years. How can there be any type of common denominator when other countries continue changing governments and power? We are the standard for free enterprise, innocent-until-proven-guilty powers. We set the bar. Others look to us. This “common denominator” is nothing more than an endorsement of humanism as a world religion and an attempt to pass our Supreme Court as a pawn in a global government.

The Constitution, to many liberals, is a living document.” In other words, it meant one thing for the founders and means something different for us in the 21st century. This is absurd. It is also impossible for a piece of paper with writings as law to change interpretations. But this is how liberals have pushed their agenda on America. They cannot win at the polls because most of America is not liberal. So they resort to this judicial activism.

Thanks to Powerline for staying alert. Paul Mirengoff adds:

It won’t happen, of course, but I think there’s a case to be made for impeaching Justice Ginsburg.

J Rob prefers her in hibernation: “If this is her thought process, I hope she sleeps while cases are argued in front of her more often.”

She also reveals a death threat. This is not part of our thinking and is inexcusable.

Stop The ACLU has an assortment of liberal reactions.

Other pro-hibernators: Michelle Malkin, Demonrats, Ace In The Hole, Right Wing Nut House, JunkYardBlog, Conservative Culture, Ogre’s Politics & Views





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