Equality Ride Leaves Lee Disappointed

17 03 2006


The group, known as Soulforce, makes a bus stop at Lee University…trying to get their message across.

Jacob Rietam, Co-director Soulforce- “Religion has been misused for centuries, particularly Christianity to exclude and discriminate, against people of color, women, those of other faiths…today it’s gay and lesbian people who are discriminated against.”

Dr. Paul Conn, President Lee University- “We’re not trying to physically restrain them from coming on our campus, this is an open campus, city streets and side walks passing through it. So, they’re here, they’re around on our campus.”

Students understand the group comes to make a point, but some say the stop is a waste of time.

Stephanie McGlone, Student- “They’re presenting their point of view through their beliefs, but we know what we believe, we’re pretty firm in our beliefs.”

Others say it’s good for the group to see how Christians respond.

Reza Admos, Student- “I think it’s a good idea, I think it’s a good idea for Christians to show Christ love.”

While in Cleveland, Soulforce wants to let students and faculty know gays and lesbians are loved by God.

Dr. Conn says although that may be true, the University does not tolerate homosexuality.

Nor does Lee tolerate any other open sin that is twisting Bible verses to justify it. And trying to paint yourself into a portrait of suffering equal to slaves is absurd. GLBT are not minorities. They are people who are sick and believe that perverse sexual behavior is normal.

I understand that, for the most part, the church has pushed them away and, it is in the homosexual lifestyle that acceptance is found. But it is still sin. And to declare that you are being discriminated against is no different than a non-married, sexually-active, heterosexual couple not allowed to attend a Christian college and demanding to not be discriminated against.

Equality Ride did not receive any confrontations from anyone while at Lee University. This must be a disappointment after being arrested at Liberty University on their first stop.

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