Document Proves Iraq Met With Bin Laden

21 03 2006

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Liberals love using the talking point that “there were no connections between Al-Qaeda and Iraq.” We’ve found MORE smoking gun evidence that that simply isn’t true. Besides the existance of WMDs in Iraq, the mass movement of many of these weapons into Syria as confirmed by Iraqi General Georges Sada, and the existance of terrorist training camps, we didn’t have a reason to go into Iraq. Oh, and the liberation of millions. Anyways, no matter what talking points you use, this important evidence once again confirms the reasoning for this war.

Iraqi Intelligence Report (Translated on FR)

Translation of page 5

A. During the visit of the Sudanese Dr. Abrahim Al Sanoosi to the country and his meeting with Mr. Uday Saddam Hussein on 13/12/1994 and with the presence of the respectful Sir the Director of the Apparatus he indicated that the opposition person Osama Bin Laden who is staying in Sudan and who was cautious and fears that he will be accused by his opponents that he became an agent for Iraq, is ready to meet with him in Sudan (The results of the meeting were written to the Honorable Presidency according to our letter 872 on 17/12/1994).

B. The approval of the Honorable Presidency was granted to meet with the opposition person Osama Bin Laden by the Apparatus according to letter 128 on 11/1/1995 (attachment 6) and the meting with him was completed by Mr. M.A ex-4th Directory in Sudan and with the presence of the Sudanese Dr. Abrahim AL Sanoosi on 19/2/1995 and a discussion occurred about his organization, and he requested the broadcasting of Sheikh Sleiman AL Awada (who has influence in Saudia and outside since he is a known and influential religious personality) and dedicate a program for them through the station directed inside the country and make joint operations against the forces of infidels in the land of Hijaz ( the Honorable Presidency has been notified with the details of the meeting according to our letter 370 in 4/3/1995 attachment 7).

Based on this evidence, which proves that Uday Hussein was involved in meetings where Osama Bin Laden was present, the Iraq/Al-Qaeda ties are clear. Iraq obviously had clear motivations for meeting with terrorist elements, including Bin Laden himself. If this isn’t the “smoking gun” liberals are looking for, I don’t know what is.

This is a just war, from every angle. Saddam had WMDs, present in Iraq, such as ricin. Saddam MOVED WMDs, a large stockpile of them, to Syria. Saddam had tortured his own people, and mass graves and rape rooms dotted the countryside of Iraq. With this new evidence added, I do not see how you can disagree with this war.

The entire untranslated document is available HERE.

Someone should get this on Helen Thomas’ desk first thing in the morning. Nah. She would still say Bush lied and he should be impeached.

Also seen at: Stop The ACLU




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