The Pro-Choice Movement Is Dead

21 03 2006

Never. Not once. I have never believed that such a thing as Pro-“Choice” exists.

There is Pro-Life.

And there is Pro-Murder. Or Pro-Abortion

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I was surprised to read that Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm will sign a bill requiring abortion providers to give pregnant women the option (also known as a “choice”) to see ultrasound images of the their unborn child.

Until now, Michigan law has required that women seeking abortions be allowed to review diagrams and descriptions showing a developing fetus, but not their own.

Abortion opponents hailed the new law. Right to Life of Michigan said it ensures that pregnant women have fuller access to accurate information before having abortions.

Critics called it a further erosion of women’s rights.

The ultrasound bill is one of the “small, incremental steps … all designed to put up barriers” to legal abortion, Kary Moss, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan, told the Detroit Free Press. However, the ACLU does not plan legal action to block the measure, she said.

Opposition to bills like this reveal the true colors of the pro-abortion movement. They are not “pro-choice,” they are pro-abortion. If they were really pro-choice, they’d strongly support women getting access to as much information as possible prior to getting an abortion.

Why do pro-abortion activists oppose women having the choice to see an ultrasound of their unborn child? Because the pro-abortion movement don’t want women to have a choice. For them, it’s better for business if women got through with abortion rather than risk them deciding after seeing a live three-dimensional image of their child that they’d rather go through with having their baby.

So much for the claims that supporters of abortion rights believe in “fewer, but safe abortions.” They don’t want to risk a woman changing her mind. If they really believed that abortions should be rare, they’d be accepting the choice of viewing ultrasounds as a breakthrough, not castigating it as an “erosion of rights.”

The pro-choice movement is dead, but the pro-abortion movement is alive and well.

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