Video of Afghan Facing Death

21 03 2006

A Michelle Malkin reader located a video of Muslim-born Abdul Rahman, the Christian convert facing the death penalty in Afghanistan for possessing a Bible and openly professing his faith.

Click here to watch the video via Dutch TV.

Courtesy of the Afghan Christian Web Ministries Team

Translation excerpt:

Abdul was taken into custody and a court case has followed. The story hit public TV on Thursday, March 16. The newscaster stated that an Afghan citizen by the name of Abdul Rahman converted to the Christian religion 16 years ago.

He was questioned, “Do you confess that you have apostacized from Islam?”

He responded, “No, I am not an apostate, I believe in God.”

Question: “Do you believe in the Koran?”

Response: “I believe in the Injil (New Testament) and love Jesus Christ.

This is a disturbing video. Especially since we seem so powerless. I phoned the Afghan embassy today and received the same response everyone else has: The Afghan embassy doesn’t like it and only the Chief Justice or the President can stop it and they don’t seem to want to.

Others watching, waiting: Freedom for Some

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