WI School Board Bans "Diversity Day"

24 03 2006

Viroqua (WI) High School officials had planned to host an even called “Diversity Day” to present the viewpoints of several religions — including Hmong (an Asian ethnic group), Jews, Muslims, Native Americans, African-Americans, homosexuals, Latinos, Buddhists, the physically disadvantaged and the economically disadvantaged — but not the views of Christians.

Viroqua, WI – Viroqua High School officials chose to cancel today’s Diversity Day activities after Liberty Counsel presented legal precedent requiring inclusion of the viewpoints of Christians and former homosexuals.

After a school official stated that the viewpoints of Christians and former homosexuals would be excluded, a resident contacted Liberty Counsel on behalf of many other concerned Viroqua residents.

On March 9, Liberty Counsel sent a letter to the District Administrator, explaining that the censorship of the viewpoints of Christians and former homosexuals violated the Establishment Clause and the Fourteenth Amendment equal protection guarantee. Liberty Counsel sent another letter on March 14 to the District Administrator and Board of Education. Two days later, the District Administrator confirmed in a telephone call that Diversity Day had been

Mathew D. Staver, president and general counsel of Liberty Counsel, stated: “We are pleased that the District cancelled Diversity Day instead of censoring the viewpoints of Christians and former homosexuals. One of the Diversity Day organizers labeled the former homosexual’s viewpoint as ‘non-positive.’ This is yet another attempt to indoctrinate our youth with the harmful message that homosexuals cannot change. While touting the message of tolerance, homosexual activists refuse to be tolerant of opposing viewpoints. Our youth deserve to know the truth about homosexuality – that people can choose to overcome same-sex attractions and that acting on those attractions results in devastating physical, mental, and spiritual consequences.”

Diversity day? Tolerance? Respect?


This is a clear example of how anti-Christian many local officials have become.

There are untold thousands of former homosexuals (or ex-gays) in our nation who are flourishing in their new lives. But they are shunned as if they have the plague because they don’t fit into the “diversity” of the so-called mainstream.

There is no doubt that the same officials who want to disallow all Christian expression on campuses or in public squares would at the same time have no problem with promoting “The Da Vinci Code,” or some other book or movie that disparages Jesus Christ.

There is no level playing field when it comes to the religious freedoms of conservative people of faith. We are literally viewed as second-class citizens by many in leadership in this nation.




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