The Value of Capitalism

25 03 2006

The premise of capitalism is freedom of commerce and needs no defense. It is not on trial. It’s not perfect-no manmade system is, but it worked the first time it was tried, right here in America. Socialist and communist attempts have failed over and over and always will.

I have performed the little test in a group of middle schooler’s and they seem to grasp the value of capitalism far better than any liberal.

Test: Take the group into an empty gymnasium floor and tell them to imagine that a group of people are stuck on an island. The leader begins to delegate tasks to survive. He designates a few to go find fruit. Others are assigned to trap and catch animals. More are assigned to locating water. Others are designated to build shelters.

What begins to occur is that after several (imaginary) days of each group doing the same tasks, they begin to figure out ways to be more efficient and save time and effort by specializing. In the group looking for fruit, several learn where to find the fruit each day, while the rest build small carts and storage units and become distributors.

The same occurs for each of the other groups and very soon you have a highly functional group that are experts in their field.

The entire liberal premise for a “fair distribution of wealth” is based on a lie. They say it’s compassion, but in all truth, it’s greed for the one’s in power.

Yesterday, Rush Limbaugh took a call on his radio show from Katie, a junior from Oakland University . She asked for help writing a paper on defending communism or capitalism-her choice.

First, Rush points out the absurdity of communism then defines capitalism.

RUSH: Yeah, you could do it on one page. “How to Create a Communist System.”


RUSH: To create a communist society: the first thing you do is you build a wall around wherever the people live, either the country or the county or the city. Then you put security checkpoints on top of the wall at various places and if anybody tries to get out, you kill them. You take away every bit of freedom that they have. Everybody that works will work for the state and will make the same amount of money. It won’t be much. There will be no achievement allowed, no excellence allowed. The only people who will make out will be those who lead this community — its president, its Politburo; I’ve got to use the right terms — or what have you. It’s misery. It is forced misery and death if you try to escape it. It’s prisons. It is mind control. It is denial of free media and truth. It is suppression of any statement that opposes the government. Do that, and the guy ought to give you an A and probably think you have a good future.

CALLER: Well, that wouldn’t really match with Marx’s views on communism on his original ideas of what a Marxist society would be.

RUSH: Oh, I’m sorry it doesn’t! The communists, that’s what they end up having to do after their system fails.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: When liberals see “haves” and “have-nots,” they attempt to equalize the imbalance, and they do this by punishing the achievers. They do this by punishing the people at the top in order to bring them down on a more level field with the have-nots. They never attempt to educate or inspire the have-nots to do better and move up or prosper because they have contempt for people. They look at people with condescension. They don’t see people who have smarts enough to handle life’s challenges on their own and they need help from government, need help from liberals, who are the smart people.

The liberals’ faith in the individual is dwarfed by their faith and love of government as the great equalizer — with themselves in charge of it of course — and they look at this situation of inequality as something that is not the result of normal actions in a free market — i.e. capitalism. They look at it as he “powerful” choosing who will succeed and who will fail determining life’s winners, “the winners of life’s lottery” and otherwise. Capitalism — very simply, Katie — is what happens when people are free to engage in commerce amongst themselves. Socialism and communism are attempts to control that because you don’t like the outcomes; you think they’re unfair. It’s the attempt to equalize things, but that’s not possible. They do it, they say, on the basis of compassion, but capitalism is simply the natural result of freedom!

How true. That’s why they always say, “You’re lucky.” And, “The rich keep gettin’ richer.”

Absolutely! If the rich have enough smarts to get rich, they will figure out means to keep more of the money they worked so hard to attain.

Hypothetically, if you took all the money in America and divided it up evenly among each citizen, taxpayers and non-taxpayers alike, within 10 years, the rich would have accumulated most of their wealth back and the poor would be poor again.

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