Now A Mexican Flag Is Flying In West Palm Beach…

29 03 2006

… This time, the switch was made Saturday night, last week, and no one knows who did it. But the American flag is gone.

The Stars and Stripes have been replaced by the Mexican flag at Chasewood North, and residents of the condominium community off Central Boulevard are puzzled as to who made the switch.

“I woke up Sunday morning and looked up from my patio and then realized that the American flag wasn’t on the flagpole,” said Sue Miller a Chasewood North board member. “What captured my attention were the colors — at first I thought it was an Italian flag, but one of our residents said it was the Mexican flag.

“I went to the flagpole, to see if the American flag was maybe on the ground, but they took it, and they cut the rope to get the American flag down and the Mexican flag up as well.”

“We tried to get the flag down but couldn’t, so we need to hire a company with a boom truck to get up there and replace the rope and put up the American flag,” she said. “I would guesstimate that this would cost $500 or more to do.”

Funny thing though, I bet the Mexican protestors didn’t have a boom truck, but they can afford a 3 x 5 vinyl flag and they had enough wits to climb up, replace the flag, then cut all the other ropes.

Michelle Malkin reminds us of the Federal Flag Code, which prescribes the proper display of and respect for the United States Flag. Pass it around–maybe to a public school teacher in your neighborhood.

This sort of protest is foolish in nature and not very pensive. If these immigrants wanted to make something happen for their cause, they should be harassing their respective Senators and Congressmen. But how “unifying” would that be? And they would have to stay in class while the grown-ups have all the fun.




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