First Illegal Immigrant Punished…

31 03 2006

… for this:

A student protest that resulted in a Mexican flag being flown on top of an upside-down U.S. flag at a local school has prompted disciplinary action against one El Rancho High School student.

El Rancho Unified School District officials said the unnamed student was punished for being involved in the flag incident, which took place Monday at Montebello High School, about four miles east of El Rancho High School.

The punishment was consistent with the California Education Code, officials said. They did not give further details because of legal and privacy issues.

But Montebello Unified School District administrators said they were glad the neighboring district investigated the incident and took the proper action.

“We appreciate the diligence that \ district has taken in identifying the student who allegedly committed the infraction with the flagpole incident,” said Assistant Superintendent Robert G. Henke.

Monday’s image of the Montebello High flagpole sparked an uproar locally and across the nation after it was posted on various Web sites and featured in East Coast newspapers and national broadcast media.

The incident took place about noon Monday, when a group of about 1,000 students from the El Rancho and Whittier Union High school districts marched through Pico Rivera to Montebello High, where students had walked out of classes in the previous week to protest proposed immigration reform legislation.

By the time they reached Montebello High, the campus was on lockdown, district officials said.

That’s when the protesters took to the flagpole, added the Mexican flag and turned the U.S. flag upside down. The school’s California flag was stolen in the process, Henke said.

Rumors that more student walkouts were scheduled for today, the official Cesar Chavez holiday, has prompted Whittier-area police and sheriff’s agencies to step up their efforts, with authorities threatening to give $165 tickets to any student who is caught protesting during school hours.

Michelle Malkin is on vacation, but thought this was blog-worthy and thinks the student is an illegal immigrant too.

Doubt if anyone beyond the school administers any discipline.




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