More Of Clinton’s Lack of Integrity

31 03 2006

In addition to the lack of morals by former President Bill Clinton, there is now more proof of his lack of integrity.

Sen. Bill Frist updates us with news that the Senate acted to release a document proving wrongdoing by the Clinton administration.

For years there has been an orchestrated effort to block the release of a report by Independent Counsel David Barrett’s investigation into wrongdoing by the Clinton Justice Department and IRS in covering up tax fraud by former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Henry Cisneros.

Late last year, the Senate acted to ensure the Barrett report’s release, although this release included significant redactions from the text.

Senator Grassley and his staff are reviewing the redacted report and by all accounts it shows significant wrongdoing and cover-up by officials at the Department of Justice and Treasury. Indeed, according to Senator Grassley, the report suggests that “high-ranking officials did not believe the tax laws should apply to friends of the Clinton White House.”

Although personal information that has nothing to do with the investigation shouldn’t be included, the full report – without redactions, omissions, or abridgements – should be released as soon as possible.

The American taxpayer spent more than $24 million to produce this report. It contains serious allegations of wrongdoing by high-ranking Department of Justice and IRS officials. After so much time and money, the least we can ask for is a full copy so we can see what went wrong and make sure it never happens again.

Bill Clinton was convicted and proven to of lied under oath to the people that elected, trusted and relied on him to lead our nation.

It’s evidence of a “hate Bush” agenda when Democrats want to impeach Bush for trying to protect American citizens, but bury and hide any proof when it is a Democrat under investigation.

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