Capture The Flag

3 04 2006

Well, the re-conquistadors were at it again this weekend.

If we really think hard about this…NO. That would make half the world illegal, no wait, that’s just about everyone. Besides, if America were not founded on this part of the continent, at best, you’d probably be living in poverty, or at worst, a slave.

More “rallies” are planned for this Sunday and next Monday.

In the coming weeks, there will be plentiful opportunities to stand in solidarity with this nation’s undocumented immigrants. Below is a short listing of demonstrations being planned across the nation. Please post information about any other rallies or marches being planned in your area.

* Sunday, April 9: Salt Lake City: “Dignity March” to the state capitol is scheduled for noon to 5 pm, starting and ending at the City-County Building in downtown Salt Lake City.

* Monday, April 10: April 10, the National Day of Action for Immigrant Justice will be the biggest day of demonstrations around the nation. The following cities have rallies in the planning stages: Houston; San Antonio; Austin, Texas; Dallas; St. Louis; Minneapolis; Detroit; Chicago; Pittsburgh; Philadelphia; Miami; Charlotte, N.C.; New Haven, Conn.; Danbury, Conn.; Hartford, Conn.; Birmingham, Ala.; New York; Boston; Milwaukee; Washington, D.C.; and many more.

As of today, here are the cities that have confirmed a time and location: New York: “Full Rights for All Immigrants” at Battery Park, 3-6pm; Salt Lake City: “Unity Rally” at the City-County Building in downtown Salt Lake City, 4:30pm.

* Saturday, April 29: Los Angeles and New York rallies are being organized by the Progressive Labor Party, which is calling for a Communist revolution.

According to The Immigrant Solidarity website, there are three goals for the rallies.

Recognizing that the USA is a nation of immigrants, join the April 10 in a massive rally to:

– Stop the anti-immigrant House resolution 4437

– Stop all attacks against immigrants

– Stop criminalization of immigrant communities

… And the demands:

We demand comprehensive immigration reform, including:

– A path to citizenship, not a temporary guest worker program

– Family reunification measures

– Worker protections

– Full rights for all immigrants!

Attacks? Who’s attacking who here? Who is defacing the very flag you demand rights of? Worker protection and rights? These are rights guaranteed to citizens.

This country has laws and regulations in place to protect citizens. There is a legal way to immigrate to this country. And for those that do, I welcome them.

Michelle Malkin says, “Don’t forget your Che shirt!”

She also says Kristinn Taylor at Free Republic announces “Take an American Flag to Work Day, Thursday, April 6, 2006:”

How it works is simple: Proudly carry an American flag with you wherever you are in public. Small parade style flags on sticks would work best for those who commute by bus or subway and those who walk to work. Carry it around with you when you go out for lunch and when you leave work.

Wear red, white and blue patriotic attire. Fly the American flag at your home. Fly an American flag from your car antenna. Tape an American flag in your car window. The goal is to have Old Glory be given the prominence it deserves and to remind everyone–politicians, illegal aliens and their enablers–that the American flag comes first in this country.

Folks have been clamoring for a march to respond to the pro-illegal alien marches. This is a way to do that without having to take time off from work and family responsibilities and still take a stand in public.

John McCain has been touting the pro-illegal alien marches as being effective in influencing polticians in Washington. Now’s your chance to exercise your influence.

Please pass this message along to everyone you know and every patriotic blogger you can think of. Contact any patriotic group you belong to. Contact your local media and talk radio shows. We don’t have George Soros to bankroll a publicity campaign. We just have us. Stand up for America and Old Glory this Thursday.

I know I will, and everyday too.

Others: Stop The ACLU




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