McKinney Running A Plantation

3 04 2006

Like a true Democrat, Rep. Cynthia McKinney is a “victim.” After watching here pity party in Atlanta, I am appalled. Maybe I was naive to think she actually might apologize.

Instead, McKinney and her race-card constituents blamed police, complimented McKinney’s accomplishments, and accused security of racial profiling.

One loud speaker assailed Capitol Hill security for daring to touch McKinney and exclaimed repeatedly:

“Our sister was set up! Set up!”

McKinney soaked it all in and touted her ability to secure things like “sidewalk funding” for her constituents.

Michelle Malkin says it rightly:

You would think there would be some Democrat official out there somewhere brave enough to express embarrassment at this continuing spectacle–and wise enough to come to the defense of law enforcement.

Guess not.

My thoughts exactly.

Hillary, it seems to me that McKinney is running Congress like a plantation. I would be concerned if I were you. Maybe you should start by asking her to apologize.




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