McKinney Has A New Opponent

4 04 2006

She is his representative from Atlanta.

He can’t take any more of her.

Dignan at Lawn Rangers has announced that he will run against Cynthia McKinney.

Cynthia McKinney is unfit for her job because she is a do-nothing demogogue whose apparent goal in life is self-promotion through race-baiting and conspiracy theories.

So I am throwing down the gauntlet.

Unless a better candidate appears, I will run for Congress against Cynthia. If I have to spend every day after work knocking on doors in my district for the next 20 years, I will do what it takes to defeat her. If I have to places calls to every person in this country asking for donations to the campaign, I will do it.

So please folks. Come up with a viable candidate. Or I am going to have to file some papers soon.

I hope he does and I have lots of family and friends in the Atlanta area that I will use to help whomever runs against Rep. McKinney.

H/T: Instapundit




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