McKinney Still Blaming Race

5 04 2006

The more I hear about Rep. McKinney, the more I understand that her entire worldview is about race.

How pathetic.

Via FoxNews

Outgoing U.S. Capitol Police Chief Terrence Gainer told FOX News on Wednesday that he doesn’t think the police officer’s decision to stop the congresswoman, who was bypassing a metal detector was an incident of racial profiling as McKinney claims.

McKinney, however, said the incident involving her is part of a larger problem of the Capitol Police mistreating blacks.

“We have 39 young people visiting from the state of Georgia, all of whom were African-American. And they had a very, very negative experience with the Capitol Hill Police.

Funny you bring that up, at this point. A “very, very negative experience?” What does that mean, having id’s checked and passing a metal detector? Sounds like an average day at most schools to me.

C’mon McKinney, let’s be real here. All you had to do was turn around, smile, identify yourself, go back through the metal detector, and you would have a friend for life. Instead, you now have 99% of the country as enemies. Nice work. May I recommend a book to you? It’s called, It’s OK To Leave The Plantation. And another that may help is, How To Win Friends And Influence People.

But then again, I guess when your entire worldview and policy-making is about race, we can’t expect anything else, now can we?

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