NASCAR Aware Of NBC Sting Operation

5 04 2006

I have a friend who is a NASCAR fan and lives in Houston. I spoke with him today and he said he had just been made aware of NBC’s filming by a friend who saw the story on Yahoo.

He told me he and his wife are going to race on Saturday, but they will not be on the infield. They will be in the grandstands. I asked him about the possibilities of filming on the infield as this Michelle Malkin reader explains makes for a perfect spot because most of the 53,000-capacity infield fans will be partying and the race is in President Bush’s home state.

He pointed out that filming on the infield would also be advantageous to NBC because once the race begins, and any bigotry or violence towards our “undercover Muslims”, there is no getting out until it’s over.

So that’s 53,000 to 2.

NBC is hoping for a beat down.

I told my friend to pass the word along to everyone there via flyers or emails, however we do it, to welcome any “sting operators” into your party. Give ’em a beer and a chair and a good spot on the roof of your rv. Start your engines!

Michelle Malkin spoke with Ramsey Poston, managing director of corporate communications at NASCAR.

Poston said, “This is outrageous for a news organization with the reputation of NBC to stoop to the level of attempting to create news instead of reporting it. Any legitimate journalist should be ashamed.”

And now, MSNBC is carrying the AP report.

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