Another Humanist Teacher Exposed

8 04 2006

This time in Alabama. Another high school teacher ignoring rules and morals and going rogue.

Via the Athens, Ala. Courier News:

Christy Jackson does not want a teacher showing her 13-year-old son a video calling the president of the United States an a—hole during class. Nor does she believe her son should be shown Internet videos — which are barred to students by school system controls —that use obscenities.

But that is what West Limestone High School eighth grade science teacher Steve White, a Democratic candidate for the District 4 seat on the House of Representatives, is accused of doing.

“My son and a group of his friends were talking about this video they had seen in school,” Jackson said. “One of the other student’s mother saw the video and she forwarded it to me. I saw it and I became livid.”

The video is available at


Jackson said she contacted West Limestone Principal Stan Davis, who told her White had been reprimanded.

School board member Darin Russell, whose district the school is in, said board members were made aware of the situation about a month ago.

The matter did not come before board members for discussion or a vote, but was handled by the central office by Superintendent Dr. Barry Carroll as a “personnel matter.”

Carroll, who is out of town, did not respond to a call to his cellular phone. A message was left at the central office for Assistant Superintendent Richard Leath, but an assistant said only Carroll could comment on the matter.

Two calls to Davis were not returned. A message left on White’s machine also received no response.

When students are exposed to this humanist propaganda, it is NOT a “personal matter.” If this wacko was showing video promoting the Ten Commandements, he would be crucified in the media, suspended if not fired, and dragged to court by the ACLU.

Contact the West Limestone High School online here.

Or contact info for Steve White is here. Be sure to let him know tolerance for such humanistic will not be allowed in public schools anymore.

Others exposing unhinged teachers: Michelle Malkin, Freedom Folks




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