Iran’s Uranium: 1 Down, 163 To Go

11 04 2006

Iran delivered on its promise to bring “good nuclear news” on Tuesday.

Former Iranian President Hashemi Rafsanjani said Tuesday that Iran has enriched uranium using 164 centrifuges, a major development in nuclear fuel cycle technology, news agencies reported.

“Iran has put into operation the first unit of 164 centrifuges, has injected (uranium gas) and reached industrial production,” the Kuwait News Agency quoted Rafsanjani as saying.

Iranian authorities had promised to announce “good nuclear news” on Tuesday.

So everyone is asking the question, “Is Iran a threat to us?”

But Iran is asking a better question, “Is the West a threat to us?”

The answer to both is Yes. Prior to the War on Terror, we knew who the enemy was and where they were. Our combined strength of technology, bombs, and equipment coupled with manpower brought us victories.

But this war is different, especially since, as President Bush has called it, a long-term war. In these types of wars, willpower and numbers wins. These are our weaknesses and their strengths. But now Iran is in the process of adding another strength in nuclear power.

We need to re-think our strategy with them and find ways to improve intel and suppress their strengths.

Mark Steyn in the City Journal: Tehran is positioned to unite the Muslim world.

Others not so happy with the “good news”: Michelle Malkin, Gateway Pundit, Stop The ACLU




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