Sheehan Not Afraid To Speak Out

11 04 2006

Especially after a headline like this from WND:

“Don’t attack Iran!” Many Democrats take their cue from Sheehan and a few other liberal wackos that aren’t afraid to speak their mind.

Turning her attention from Iraq to Iran, anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan insists the U.S. has no justification for any kind of military response to the emerging nuclear threat from Iran, which today declared it successfully has enriched uranium.

Writing in the left-wing, Sheehan said that after a war in Iraq, President Bush, the “swaggering imbecile of a ‘leaker in chief’ has the nerve to be trying to sell all of us on a new war in Iran.”

“Do the warped neocons with their puppet president think that we are all stupid? Fool us once, shame on us, fool us, — well, we just can’t be fooled again,” she writes.

The U.S. also “must not even, for one moment, contemplate a conventional invasion in Iran either,” she said. “No matter how George Bush lies about how rosy things are in Iraq, they aren’t, and Iraq is proof that war of any kind is a horribly tragic way to solve problems.”

“When our leaders go terrorist hunting,” she said, “they kill innocent men, women and children and they, themselves, become the very thing that they are trying to teach us to loathe.”

The last time a country let a commie make decisions for them, Hitler took over the government. What qualifies Sheehan to decide what is best for America?

She is quite entertaining though.

But no matter how ridiculous her oddly-timed jabs and shots at this adminstration are, sometimes Democrats leaders will not stand up and speak what they believe because they are afraid. But neither can they afford to let extremists like Sheehan, Michael Moore, and others to make decisions and statements for them.

Sheehan seems to be one of a few liberals not afraid to speak what they believe. This has been the downfall of the Democrat party of late and the main reason that they have no agenda to flaunt.

Keep entertaining us, Mother Cindy.

Also see: Stop The ACLU, Iowa Voice




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