Aiming Higher

19 04 2006

No matter…

Image courtesy of Chuck Asay

… I think they mean to.

Why else would they purposefully aim at the Sec. of Defense Rumsfeld when, after all, Bush “started this war” and he is “creating terrorists.” So Bush must be to blame.

He has “ticked off” these Islamists and there was “no war” before he began this one.

This must be the propaganda that liberals believe when they say we are in “no danger of attack” or “invading”.

But how can Bill Clinton bomb Serbia without UN permission, kill some innocents in doing so, and be a hero? If a Democrat were President currently, and made the same course of decisions as Bush, he(she?) would be a hero, thanks in large part, to the media, who would be heralding their achievements on the front page daily.

Clinton also let Bin Laden go three times during his suctioning presidency. But that is no problem.

The media nor any retired generals refrained from pelting his Sec. of Defense. Heck, most people don’t even remember who they were.

This attack on Sec. Rumsfeld is an attack on Bush and on conservatives and should be treated as such. This is a “security attack” in case they don’t fare out at the polls in November.




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