Give Us Wang

25 04 2006

This seems to be the cry from the left. As Michelle Malkin wisely points out, they want to prosecute Wang and let McKinney walk.

Via Breibart

A woman who heckled Chinese President Hu Jintao on the White House lawn, said her protest was a spontaneous reaction to China’s suppression of the Falungong spiritual movement.

Wang Wenyi, 47, interrupted the elaborate welcome ceremony laid on by President George W. Bush on Thursday by shouting abuse at the Chinese leader for several minutes before she was detained by Secret Service agents.

Writing in the New York-based Falungong mouthpiece, The Epoch Times, Wang, who had gained access to the ceremony with a press pass from the newspaper, said her original intention had been simply to report on the event.

“However, when I saw President Bush shake hands with Hu Jintao, I couldnt help but cry out,” she said.

“I cried out for those who have been tortured and suffered genocidal persecution,” she added.

So, we can conclude that liberals are jumping all over those that take a stand for the oppressed (that’s a bit ironic, isn’t it?) but condone special rights for minority politicians.




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