Business Owner’s Religious Rights Threatened

26 04 2006

A Virginia business owner is being threatened by Arlington Human Rights Commission for refusing business to a lesbian group.

The April 18 order follows a March 9 hearing in which Tim Bono of Bono Film and Video cited constitutional freedom of religion protection in refusing to duplicate two pro-homosexual films for lesbian activist Lillian Vincenz.

Bono Film & Video informs potential customers that the firm does not duplicate material that the firm deems obscene, could embarrass employees, hurt the company’s reputation, or that runs counter to the company’s Christian and ethical values.

After Bono rebuffed her request, Vincenz asked Arlington County officials to force Bono to duplicate her videos. The Arlington Human Rights Commission began an investigation and held a public hearing on March 9 to discuss the alleged discrimination.

If Bono refuses to do the job, “after a reasonable amount of time, the commission can reassemble and discuss why the remedy was not done,” Raul said. The commission could then forward the case to the full county Board of Commissioners and ask them for permission to file a discrimination complaint in Arlington Circuit Court, he said.

The lesbian had this to say, “I bare him no ill-will. I think he’s simply uneducated. He doesn’t know about gay people. he doesn’t know about us.”

Yeah, so? Staying “uneducated” is his right, no matter how insulting that might make you feel. You can’t sue someone because they made you feel insulted. Side note: he is probably very much educated on homosexuality, hence his BIBLICAL stance against it.

This notion of suing because of feelings seems to be the root cause many cases involving homosexuals. A similar case occurred last week involving the 9th Circus and Judge Reinhardt where he ruled that a student could not wear an anti-homosexuality T-shirt, but homosexuals could promote their agenda on their clothing.

A business has a right to refuse service to anyone they please. Everyone knows that McDonalds won’t serve you unless you wear a shirt and shoes. Can’t wait for that lawsuit from a homosexual wishing to “express himself.”

H/T: Rhymes With Right




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