Wisconsin Dem’s Off To The Brick House

27 04 2006

Remember the story, of six Democrat Party workers that slashed the tires of vans rented by Republicans during a Get-Out-The-Vote campaign in 2004?

The the lawyer for the five liberal activists said the Democratic party is to blame, that they coerced these young leftists to commit this crime and ‘therefore, Your Honor, these young people are not to blame.’


Jail time.

Tossing aside a plea agreement that called for probation, Milwaukee Circuit Court Judge Michael Brennan sentenced four Democratic Party workers today to jail for slashing the tires of 25 vans rented by Republicans to take voters to polls for the 2004 presidential election.

Calling the vandalism more than harmless hijinks, Brennan admonished the four men, including the sons of two prominent Milwaukee politicians, for disenfranchising voters. The judge said he had received letters from Milwaukee County citizens upset over the crime.

“They see you tampering with something they consider sacred and that’s the ballot box,” Brennan said during a two-hour sentencing this morning.

Michael Pratt, 33, and Lewis Caldwell, 29, were each sentenced to six months in jail while Lavelle Mohammad, 36, got five months and Sowande Omokunde, 26, got four months. Each was also fined $1,000. They will be eligible for work release and were allowed to surrender to begin their sentences within two weeks.

Pratt is the son of former Acting Mayor Marvin Pratt and Omokunde is the son of U.S. Rep. Gwen Moore (D-Wis.).

How nice. Two sons in the spotlight. Why should they have to bear responsibility for any of their actions? I can only guess how many times their dad’s have bailed them out of sticky situations.

I don’t know if jail time will do any more than embarrass them and their families, but they need to learn a little responsibility. Concequences.

Ace is going out on a limb and guessing the prosecutor who offered the deal is a Democrat.
Michelle Malkin is also glad to see jail time.




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