Another Moonbat Attack on Recruiters

28 04 2006

This is getting really old. It’s still illegal and needs to be dealt with according to the law.

Remember the UC Santa Cruz peacniks who drove recruiters off their campus? And then the ROTC building in NC? Now this.

Three people were apprehended this afternoon by police after pouring paint on an Army recruiting station near the University of Minnesota during an antiwar demonstration.

Several protesters who were part of a larger group of antiwar demonstrators at the University of Minnesota splased red paint on a military recruiting station this afternoon. Three people involved in the act were apprehended by campus police.

The incident at SE. Oak Street and Washington Avenue came about an hour after a rally at Northrop Plaza, where 250 to 300 gathered and then headed to the Army and Navy recruiting station.

Some of the protesters, wearing all black and with their faces covered, threw red paint onto the station’s windows, pounded the glass and scribbled messages including a peace sign over a U.S. flag sticker.

Police took at least three people into custody, said Army Capt. Val Bernat.

“They’re exercising their rights. We knew they were coming,” Bernat said, adding that campus police had alerted them days earlier. “However, we don’t appreciate the vandalism.”

As Army workers began cleaning up, a group of University of Minnesota students pitched in.

“They disgraced our country and our military,” Ole Hovde, 19, a freshman, said while wiping down the windows.

The afternoon demonstration, which consisted of mostly students, had been organized as an antiwar walkout rally at the University of Minnesota today for about an hour.

The walkout is organized by the Anti-War Organizing League, Socialist Alternative, MCTC Students Against War and Racism and Youth Against War and Racism.

Wow. Do those sound like a bunch of positive organizations that I can’t wait to be a part of? Ummm…No!

Now, lookie here … these groups have protested at this recruiting station before:

Looks like it’s a protesting hot-spot for organizer Ty Moore who is affiliated with the Socialist Alternative group.

Plain and simple, vandalizing is illegal and needs to be punished as the law allows.

Maybe they’re afraid of an all-out draft and don’t want to defend their country and freedom.

Michelle Malkin reports there’s an anti-war tantrum scheduled in NYC tomorrow. And Troops Out Now! promises “thousands” will march and then stick around for the illegal alien strike on Monday.




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