Five Things For Republicans To Avoid This Year…

28 04 2006

Five Stupid Ideas That Will Get Republicans Thrown Out On Their Butts:

  1. Granting amnesty and/or fast track citizenship to illegal aliens. Not even Hispanics who immigrated legally support this. Saying you are against amnesty, then playing word games that effectively boil down to amnesty is a recipe for socioeconomic and political disaster.
  2. Continuing to allow the federal tax on fuel.
  3. Dawdling on Iran and the U.N.
  4. Showing cowardice and fecklessness in the face of childish antics by the Dems.
  5. Allowing six years to go by and still not have a balanced budget.

Five Winning Positions for Republicans This Year:

  1. NO amnesty for illegal aliens. Set a credible & fair guest worker program, give employers & illegals a year’s warning, then START ACTUALLY ENFORCING THE LAW. This is only fair to those who seek to enter the country legally and the only responsible thing to do in a post-9/11 world.
  2. Cancel the federal tax on fuel for the summer at least, if not for a year. Don’t give us all $100. That’s our money anyway. That will only harm businesses, which are the heartbeat of our free enterprise system.
  3. Stick to your guns on Iraq and Iran and the U.N.
  4. Don’t succumb to liberal ways by granting amnesty and trying to sandbag votes. Build a fence, crack down on employers, and have everyone else get in the back of the line.
  5. Balance the budget. Don’t give more than $1,000 per family for New Orleans. It’s a dying city anyway. Veto a bill or ten with too many earmarks.

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